Since autumn 2018, Early Intervention Panels have been held for Primary and Secondary phases to consider individual cases where class teacher, SENCO, SEN Threshold Guidance and other interventions have been tried without enough success, and an escalation of support is seen as required. The panels will be able to assign a range of additional interventions to support the school and young person, without the need to request or wait for Statutory Assessment or EHCP.  If Statutory Assessment is requested or recommended then the intervention evidence gathered should enable comprehensive and efficient assessment.

Possible interventions will include support from specialist inclusion, educational psychology, clinical psychology, and therapy staff. Resources funded by the Early Years Inclusion Fund may be considered, as will outreach support provided by specialist resource provisions and special schools. 

We have also added a SEND Learning and Resources Library to the Local Offer to give education providers easy access to and raise awareness of the vast amount of quality SEND training, development opportunities and resources that are available online and in the wider community.