What are Short Breaks? 



Short breaks provide disabled children and young people with fun, enjoyment and a chance to be with friends while their parents and carers get a break from caring. They come in many different forms, ranging from an overnight stay in a residential centre or a carer’s home to attending a youth club, leisure centre or getting involved in a sports activity.

Taken from SENDirect website

Read more about the benefits of Short Breaks on the SENDirect website 

Every local authority must publish a "Short Break Statement" and provide details of the range of short breaks available, the eligibility criteria and how the range of services is designed to meet the needs of families with disabled children in the area.

You can read the current Achieving for Children Short Breaks Service Statement here (currently being reviewed):

Achieving for Children Short Breaks Service Statement  (pdf)

Reviewing short breaks with children, young people and families

Short breaks in Kingston and Richmond are being reviewed before they are re-commissioned in 2018. Achieving for Children (AfC) has been consulting and working with children, young people and families to plan this.  

The current Short Break offer in Kingston and Richmond

The current short break offer is separated into two different strands.  Which one is suitable for your child or young person will depend on their needs.

Assessed Need Short Breaks
These short breaks include specialist sessions for children and young people with more complex needs and can include both day and overnight provision. These are called "Assessed Need Short Breaks". Children and families who meet the eligibility criteria to receive services from the Social Care Disabled Children’s Team or the Family Support Team (ISCD - Integrated Service for Children with Disabilities), will be able to access these short breaks.

More about Assessed Need Short Breaks and eligibility criteria 


Non-Assessed Need Short Breaks - Aiming High

Children and young people who meet the following eligibility criteria can apply for short breaks under the Aiming High scheme:

  • child or young person who has a diagnosed disability
  • The child or young person is aged between 0 -18 years of age
  • The child or young person lives in the Royal Borough of Kingston or the London Borough of Richmond

More about Non-Assessed Need Short Breaks - Aiming High