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We are the Participation Team for children and young people with additional needs.


Our job is to...


Listen to children and young people (0 - 25) and make sure other people do too.



Make sure children and young people have information they understand.



Make sure children and young people are involved in decisions that affect them.

Some ways young people are involved

A small group of young people manage and develop the Young People's Hub on this website. Building on the original design created by the original SEND Young Champion project, they have developed and rebranded the section. The group meet regularly to decide what information should be on the site and how to reach, engage and include a wider group of children and young people.

The Young People's Easy Information Group is a small group of young people with special educational needs and/or disability who review and advise on leaflets, documents or websites created by professionals.  The group members review the content, format, language and design and give advice on how to improve the document to ensure it is as accessible as possible for children and young people with SEND.  The group members' feedback is collated into a summary report and returned to the professional who submitted the document, so that they can adapt it accordingly.

The Easy Info. Group meets every month and is happy to receive submissions!  Here is a calendar of the Easy Info. Groups for the rest of this year, so that you can more easily plan when to submit documents to the group.  


Young people with special educational needs and/or disability aged 16 and over can become part of the Recruits Crew. These young people take part in the interview and selection of staff who have applied to work in children's services.  

This involves testing physical access to sites and locations in the local area.

The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) have been jointly commissioned with Kids to deliver a national participation programme with disabled children and young people, and children and young people with SEN.

Find out more about the Making Participation Work programme on the CDC website

Engaging with young people takes many forms, from supporting an individual to make decisions about their own life, right up to participating in strategic decision-making. All levels of engagement are valuable and valid, both to young people and to adult decision-makers, however different outcomes will require involving young people in different ways and at different stages in the

Find out more about Methods and Levels of Participation ( opens a pdf factsheet prepared by CDC) 


The Participation Leads are staff members who take the lead for promoting and embedding children and young people's participation within their particular teams, through identifying and overseeing team participation targets and developments and liaising with children and young people.  The aim of the group is to ensure that children and young people's voices and views are embedded throughout all our practice and to provide a forum for advice, information sharing and support. 

The project is still growing, but so far we have Participation Leads across Social Care, Short Breaks, Therapies, Nursing, SEN, Emotional Health Service, Community Paediatrics and SENDIASS.

If you are a young person who would like to get involved in participation activities or you would like to suggest or refer a young person then please contact us. 

How to contact us

The Moor Lane Centre
Moor Lane

020 8547 6521
07990 620707