There are many organisations that offer information, support and advice.  Some of them will be local and offer services to people in a specific area, others will be national and offer support to all. Some organisations offer support about specific conditions or subjects whereas others may offer general advice and support across a wide range of subjects that affect all families, children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities. 

Here is a guide to some of the types of organisations you will come across:

Parent/Carer forum or Parent/Carer Representative Groups


Information, Advice and Support (IAS)

Support Groups/Organisations

These may offer support or advice about a particular condition such as ADHD, Downs Syndrome or visual impairment. They may offer advice or support around a certain subject such as housing, travel, money or a range of issues and not be specific to any conditions but available to all.‚Äč

Where to find information

You can search for support group or organisations in the:

 Local Offer Directory Search