The following list includes examples of national and local accessible venues and transportation, highlighted through the Accessibility Strategy consultations. We want to make this a "living" resource so we encourage schools, families and partner organisations to send us examples of accessible venues and transportation. Please send your suggestions through the Contact Us form on this website.


Disabledgo highlights accessible venues across the country and within London  ​

Sense offer short breaks and summer holidays 

Duke of Edinburgh           

UKSA Sailing  

Avon Tyrrell 

Bendrigg Lodge 



The Calvert Trust enables people with disabilities to benefit from outdoor activities in the countryside. Activities include rock climbing in a wheelchair!

Twickenham Rowing Club offer inclusive ‘taster’ sessions, and regular rowing outings, for all children and young people; both for fun and for competition. Please contact the club for more information:

SCAMPS holiday club for children aged 3-12 years, both before/after school activities and holiday clubs.


Accessible toilets can be located nationally and throughout London on the following website:

​Accessible coach companies