SEND Team contact details

‚ÄčSEND Team contact details and case allocations lists

The SEND Team is responsible for drafting and issuing all education, health and care plans (EHCPs), working in collaboration with the family, child or young person and professionals. In addition they manage the transfers from statements of special educational needs to EHCPs.  They also maintain all statements for those children and young people who have not yet transitioned to an EHCP. Every child or young person will have a named EHCP coordinator within the team who will be your primary contact. Your EHCP coordinator should be able to answer your queries and provide you with any information you need as quickly and effectively as possible. There is also a team of EHCP coordinator assistants who answer the phones and deal with basic queries. The contact details for the EHCP coordinator assistants are published on the Local Offer website. Often, the point of contact whilst working with colleagues in SEND can vary. However, it is important that in the first instance you speak with the person directly managing your case because they will know the full details of the situation and will be able to provide you with the information you need quickly and efficiently.  Asking to speak with a manager at the initial stage can often delay the process


Many queries relating to statutory assessment processes, annual reviews or level of support can be answered by the EHCP coordinator assistants’ team. The EHCP coordinator assistants support the EHCP coordinators in the essential management of each family’s case, and therefore will have knowledge about individual cases. An EHCP coordinator assistant is office based and therefore can often respond to a query quicker than the EHCP coordinator who attend many EHCP and social care meetings.

The EHCP coordinator supports the co-ordination of the EHCP and ensure that children and young people are achieving the best possible outcomes they can through the identification of need and support implemented. The EHCP coordinators attend a variety of meetings such as: the assessment summary review meeting, transfer review meeting, annual review meeting and a variety of social care meetings. Their role is to ensure that the legal framework related to the Children and Families Act 2014 is being adhered to and to offer advice and guidance to schools and families. The EHCP coordinator also attends decision making panels and will often be the voice that will convey the family’s views, and subsequently the decisions made or endorsed at a panel. The EHCP coordinators have detailed knowledge about the statutory assessment processes and will have insight and knowledge about the child and young person‘s strengths, needs and desirable outcomes. They will also have a full understanding of why and how decisions have been made in particular circumstances.

Preparing for Adulthood (PfA) EHCP coordinators provide the initial contact for young people aged 16 to 25 years to enable planning for transition to adult life, operating in much the same way as EHCP coordinators. PfA EHCP coordinators provide information, advice and guidance for the young people they work with and co-ordinate support arrangements through the progression from school settings into further education, apprenticeships, paid employment, independent living, inclusion in the community, etc.  

There are currently three senior EHCP coordinators in the team. The seniors have a reduced case load and offer supervision within the team. The seniors are able to support problem solving, offer advice and guidance and are the next point of contact when it is felt escalation is necessary.


This post holder has responsibility for the management of Special Educational Needs Tribunals across both Kingston and Richmond. This entails providing advice to the SEN team and other professionals during the disagreement resolution process (which may involve support during formal mediation) and advice on handling complex cases. If the matter proceeds to a SEND tribunal appeal, they will assess the case and handle all aspects of the legal process, instructing solicitors and/or barristers when required. The Tribunals and Disagreement Resolution Manager represents Achieving for Children at SEND tribunal hearings.


Principal EHCP coordinators manage the two pre-16 SEND teams (Kingston and Richmond) and the PfA team.  Each team comprises a senior EHCP coordinator and several EHCP coordinators. Their role is to ensure the teams are effectively supporting and meeting the needs of children and young people as identified through performance review and indicators. They offer support and training to stakeholders and evaluate, as part of the senior leadership team, the effectiveness of the teams’ work. The principals are decision makers within the team.  They advise and support their teams on complex cases and referrals.  The principal will become involved if issues and concerns have not been resolved by the EHCP coordinator or senior.

This role is the operational lead within SEND. They have management responsibility for this service and the advisory teachers for speech, language and communication. The roles support working with key stakeholders and partners at an operational and strategic level to ensure children’s and young people’s needs with EHCP or statements are being appropriately met and responded to. This is achieved through the chairing of panels, training and development with schools, families, health and other key partners. The role also covers the strategic development and trend analysis of need to evaluate and assess the local offer for SEND (statements and EHCP). They ensure that all performance indicators (PIs) are met. Within these roles it is critical that parents and school are included. However, referrals and contact should be escalated after seeking support from EHCP coordinators, seniors and principal. 

The Associate Director is responsible for the leadership and management of the SEND Service, its teams and performance.