↵​​All the guidance, forms and templates which form the contents of the Golden Binder (more about the Golden Binder and Booklet at the bottom of this page) are listed and available for download on this page. The Golden Binder is regularly reviewed and it is important that current practice is followed and the latest templates and forms are used.  For this reason we recommend that the latest templates are downloaded from this site each time they are required. Please continue to scroll down this page to see the latest templates. 

Golden Binder Contents
Appendix 1 – SEN Support                                                                                             

The following forms numbered NA1 - 4  are for requesting an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment for the first time.

The separate Provision Map - Form PM should be used to support a needs assessment request.

Appendix 2 – EHC Needs Assessment Request Forms                                                
How to submit a EHC Needs Assessment Request

You should send requests with attachments to the following address: 

Address: SEND Team, c/o Achieving for Children, Guildhall 2, Kingston, KT1 1EU

Email: for Kingston sen-rbk@achievingforchildren.org.uk or for Richmond ​ sen-lbr@achievingforchildren.org.uk

Phone: 020 8547 5872

The following Education, Health and Care Plan templates are to be used by SEN, Education, Health and Social Care professionals and to be completed with a family once it has been agreed that a plan is needed.

Appendix 3 – EHCP Templates                                                                                     
Appendix 4 – Example EHCPs (for reference – not copy)                                 
Appendix 5 – Health                                                                                                         
Appendix 6 – Social Care                                                                                                

The following templates and forms are to be used during an annual review.

Appendix 7 – Annual review and Transfer templates                                           
Appendix 8 – EHCP Checklist
Appendix 9 – Outcomes and Person Centred Planning                                         
Appendix 10 – Further Education                                                                               
Appendix 11 (to be provided)
Appendix 12 – Additional information                                                                    

The Golden Booklet

The Golden Booklet is the shorter, easy read version of the Golden Binder.

Download the Golden Booklet (pdf)

About The Golden Binder

A resource has been created by SEND Family Voices working with Achieving for Children (AfC) and representatives from Health, Social Care, Schools, Early Years and Post 16 to create a complete set of guidance documents relating to “Support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)”. The resource is nicknamed the “Golden Binder”.  Every Early Years setting, school SENCo and special school in Richmond and Kingston should have a copy, as well as all key professionals involved with the EHCP process.  The resource can be viewed and downloaded from this page. A memory stick can be obtained from SEND Family Voices.

The content in the binder is jointly owned by a group of professionals, parents and AfC staff who are jointly responsible for keeping it up to date and ensuring that any changes are made with the knowledge and in consultation with all the other teams and functions that are involved. If you have any comments or feedback on the guidance in these chapters or the way the guidance is presented on the website, then please use the Local Offer "Contact Us" page to feedback. The comments will be reviewed and changes made twice a year.

The Golden Binder contains all the guidance, forms and templates to be used for:

  • Requesting an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment for the first time, and
  • the Education, Health and Care Plan templates to be used by SEN, Education, Health and Social Care professionals and to be completed with a family once it has been agreed that a plan is needed. 
  • Transferring a statement to an Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Reviewing Education, Health and Care Plans

We recommend that the accompanying guidance is referred to when completing requests for a EHC Needs Assessment or completing the Education, Health and Care Plan templates. This guidance is contained in the relevant chapters of the Golden Binder.