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We will see all children from birth up to the age of 25 to help them with their hearing.

Once the child has turned 18, dependent on his/her wish and needs we can refer them to adult audiology service of their choice.

A variety of healthcare professionals such as GPs, health visitors, speech and language therapists, school nurses and paediatricians can refer a child. Or parents/carers can also contact us directly to refer your child.

Our team is based at Teddington Memorial Hospital and Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health for patients in the Richmond, Teddington, Hounslow and Ealing areas.

Our aim is to deliver prompt family friendly and seamless service, locally.

The service provides:

Hearing screening
Age appropriate diagnostic assessment, including electrophysiological diagnostic assessment
Further prompt referrals for specialist intervention
Parental guidance, advice, support and information material
Hearing aid fitting and follow up
Audiological support to children with hearing loss and their families in the educational set up by working with specialist teachers and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs).
Wax removal service for children with hearing aids
We have two local children’s hearing services working groups (CHSWG) involving multi professionals, voluntary agencies and parents, these groups meet 3 times a year.

The website contains lots of useful advice and links to information leafets about ear care and care of equipment.

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Address 1
Paediatric Audiology
Address 2
1st Floor Outpatients, Teddington Memorial Hospital
Address 3
Hampton Road
TW11 0JL


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Hearing Impairment
Health Services

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From 0 To 18