On the Ball, our programme of sport and parent support, for families whose children have social communication needs starts again in April (please see the attached pdf for more details). Please share the attached information with families with children aged 5-11 who you work with and might benefit from the free activity. The programme is rated as 'Outstanding' by Richmond Adult Community College.

Richmond and other borough parents can apply. Funding for this year offers free places for families both in and outside of the LB of Richmond.

Families should now contact us for an application form. Do use the attached links or flyer to promote On the Ball through newsletters
or community links.

Developing peer groups for children and families

We aim to develop groups of children aged 5-11 who have similar needs so that peer groups are established that support families to have fun, enjoy sport and learn together. To achieve this, places on On the Ball are allocated by Action-attainment and Brentford FCCST in consultation with a specialist speech and language therapist.

Check out our web-link for details here: 

On the Ball 2018- Sign up

Behavioural strategies for home and school

On the Ball can help parents support their children's behaviour through introducing:

  • sensory and communication strategies
  • shared strategies for home and school
  • starting to build active friendships in the community 

With very best wishes and we look forward to hearing from you soon,