The Children in Care Council (CiCC) is a group of young people who have all experienced care. 

The latest project the CiCC is currently involved in, is ‘Creating futures’. A project is nearly finished to renovate parts of a young person’s residence, in South West London. This work has been fully funded by the local council and Achieving for Children, and whilst the end result will be safe and comfortable, Creating futures will help to make the residence look and feel like a real home.

Once work is completed, a number of young people (all in formal education or employment) will be moving into the residence and will face all the challenges of being in a new environment; the natural anxiety, worrying about who they are living with and if they are going to settle in. This a key moment and opportunity to make a real difference to the young people through building a supportive community.

Creating futures is an eight week project using local art therapists to work with these young people to produce a range of artwork to turn their accommodation into a home. Through this process, these young people will develop self-confidence; improve their communication, leadership and teamwork skills. The young people will lead the programme deciding on the approach, style of art and managing the budget for materials.

To make Creating futures happen we are running a crowdfunding campaign – if you are interested in finding out more and supporting the project – visit