Edward Timpson CBE, a former Government Children’s Minister, is seeking views and evidence on school exclusion practice in England. The review will explore the drivers of exclusion rates and, in particular, the factors that drive the disproportionate exclusion of some groups of pupils. Amongst others, this includes pupils from certain ethnic groups; pupils who are eligible for free school meals, or have been eligible for free school meals in the last six years; those with special educational needs; looked after children; and children in need.

Edward Timpson CBE writes:

I am seeking views and evidence on the points set out in the scope of this review. This is not a consultation on any specific proposals as the review is in its early stages. Instead, I would like to gather evidence from as wide a range of sources as possible to inform my findings.

I would like to hear from schools, including alternative providers, colleges, education professionals and local authorities about practice and evidence. I would like to hear about the experiences and perspectives of parents, carers and voluntary and community organisations which represent those pupils more likely to be excluded.

I welcome the views of children and young people. There will be further opportunities for children and young people to provide their views during the course of the review but where they would like to take part in this call for evidence I welcome this.

The information gathered through this call for evidence will inform my final report at the end of the year.


Reponses are anticipated (but not exclusively) from the following areas:

  • parent/carer
  • child/young person
  • school or college
  • governors
  • early years providers
  • alternative provision provider
  • local authority 
  • representative bodies
  • charity
  • educational professionals
  • voluntary or community organisation

The survey closes on 6th May

You may find it useful to read this new booklet from SEND Family Voices if you are responding to the survey from the perspective of Special Educational Needs or disability.

SCHOOL EXCLUSIONS AND SEND Young people’s rights and the laws that protect them  (opens a pdf)


Read more and take part in the consultation here (opens an external website)